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Deb HawkeDeb HawkeSatisfied Home Owner
Very effective insulating the windows from the heat, we're looking forward to the difference it will make in winter also. The company came in, set up, did the job, cleaned up in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!
Linda & RossLinda & RossSatisfied NanoShield Customer
We had Cosy 24/7 installed recently to our windows in our study, master bedroom and laundry which were East and West facing. We were pleasantly surprised to see how clear the coating was. Over the last few months we have noticed that there has been a significant reduction in the amount of condensation in our coated windows on cold mornings. The only condensation that appears is a fine mist which evaporates by mid morning leaving no water on our window frames. We were very happy with NanoShield service. They were on time, cleaned up after and delivered a quality installation.
Bec KamBec KamA home owner
For over 20 years this room was the hardest to cool down with the amount of sunlight streaming in throughout the day. After installing Cosy 24/7, the next day was a warm Melbourne day and the room stayed as cool as the rest of the house! The room actually felt cool! I highly recommend getting Cosy 24/7, it was simply incredible the difference it made!