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Energy over-dependence is costly and unnecessary.  There are better ways to achieve thermal comfort and energy efficiency without wasting money on your energy consumption budget. NanoShield  will make your home more cosy. We are a quality window tinting and treatment business servicing Melbourne homes, offices and schools. NanoShield’s Cosy 24/7 is the dominant  liquid nano tinting technology in the world today.

Support your local Melbourne window treatment specialist and improve your windows’ thermal properties. Our advance nanotechnology window treatments are ideal for those looking for quality home and office tinting.  Cosy 24/7 will improve your home’s thermal comfort, improve energy efficiency, block UV and suppress window condensation with minimal loss of natural light.

Get in touch with us to have your homes and offices shielded from excessive heat and window condensation for NanoShield Cosy 24/7.

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Our Testimonies

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Gaylene BGaylene B"Very Happy"
Honest reliable and very professional people. Would highly recommend this company! Very happy! Thank You Nano Shield!Facebook Customer Reviews
Mel SMel S"Wonderful Job"
Ray is very knowledgeable with his products and I am extremely satisfied with his explanation and demonstration. Special thanks to Cara and Soe, they have done a wonderful job. I have mine installed three weeks ago. We still have some hot days in the past few weeks and we can immediately notice the temperature difference. Since the result is evident during hot days, I can't wait for winter to come and test out how much reduction in condensation for all floor to ceiling sliding doors.             Facebook Customer Reviews
Emma HEmma H"Impressed"
A huge thank you to Ray, Ken and the NanoShield team. The service has been excellent from initial contact through installation and follow up. We had the coating applied a week ago and have been impressed by how much easier it has been to keep the house warm. Looking forward to the next hot day so we can really put the technology to the test.      Facebook Customer Reviews
Tina DTina D"Product that Delivers"
I was considering roller shutters for my 2 front rooms that get the hot afternoon sun but decided to go with Cosy 24/7. Since installation the temperatures in these rooms has dropped by about 5 degrees so I am very happy with the result. Thank you NanoShield for your great service & a product that delivers. Google Customer Reviews
Tanya LTanya L"Significant Difference"
Had Ray, Ken and the team come in and solved the heat problem in our east facing sun room and west facing bedrooms. Definitely noticed significant difference in the the bedrooms in the afternoon, and can now enjoy a pleasant morning breakfast without getting roasted. Biggest advantage for us was not sacrificing the natural light and the views. Ray and Ken were very professional and thorough, patient in the process. Google Customer Reviews
Michael AMichael A"Incredible Product"
An incredible product that has already made a huge temperature reduction in our apartment. Ray's technician's were the most punctual, courteous and professional tradespeople I've encountered in years. I highly recommend NanoShield if you are looking to reduce your energy bills and perhaps avoid having to install air-conditioning. Google Customer Reviews
CaraCara"Real Noticeable Difference"
We live in an older home which requires significant air conditioning and heating for us to be comfortable when we are at home.We were a bit sceptical initially when the coating was applied as it is hardly noticeable. But wow! what a difference it made. On warmer days, there was a really noticeable difference between the temperature inside and outside the house which reduced our use of air-conditioning.In the cooler months any condensation forming on our coated windows has just been a fine mist which evaporates quickly and does not drip onto our window frames. So, no more ugly mould!
Bruce SBruce S"What a Great Product"
Since our installation of NanoShield we have experienced a number of very hot days. The difference the NanoShield has made is truly amazing! What a great product you have.Many thanks again for the prompt and efficient service, the results are simply amazing.
Sue RSue R"I love It"
Yesterday I had my 3 bedroom windows that get the full western late afternoon sun treated with the Cosy 24/7, & was absolutely delighted with the significant reduction of heat transfer through these windows. I love it. The team were more than considerate of my needs being less then 3 weeks post op total knee replacement.They moved big furniture for me in the living area (2 big windows have been done there as well) & removed & put back up the roller blinds on those windows. Very professional, thoughtful team! Facebook Customer Reviews
Robyn RRobyn R"Fascinating Product"
I had Martin & Htoo Ku coating my windows with NanoShield today. It's a tint without the colour! It's a fascinating product. Time will tell how well it works at cutting the heat from the sun and keeping the heat in winter, but so far so good. With the coating just put on today it's 1.55 pm and my house is 26 deg inside without the cooling on. I'm happy with the installation process, Martin and Htoo Ku were excellent explaining everything and with the care of my house. Facebook Customer Reviews
Paul RPaul R"Amazing Results"
Installed NanoShield on the Friday. Sunday was a 30 degree day. Normally when we get to these sort of temperatures the upstairs areas are excessively hot and unbearable. On Sunday it was an absolute pleasure to be upstairs. An amazing difference in heat levels if you compare the before and after. The team was friendly, efficient and on time and cleaned up thoroughly afterwards. Thank you RAY - a very good job and amazing results. Facebook Customer Reviews
Michael AMichael A"Incredible"
An incredible product that has already made a huge temperature reduction in our apartment. Ray's technician's were the most punctual, courteous and professional tradespeople I've encountered in years. I highly recommend NanoShield if you are looking to reduce your energy bills and perhaps avoid having to install air-conditioning.Google Customer Reviews
Deb HDeb H"Very Effective"
Very effective insulating the windows from the heat, we're looking forward to the difference it will make in winter also. The company came in, set up, did the job, cleaned up in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!Facebook Reviews
Linda & RossLinda & Ross"Pleasantly Surprised"
We had Cosy 24/7 installed recently to our windows in our study, master bedroom and laundry which were East and West facing. We were pleasantly surprised to see how clear the coating was. Over the last few months we have noticed there has been a significant reduction in the amount of condensation in our coated windows on cold mornings. The only condensation appearing is a fine mist which evaporates by mid morning leaving no water on our window frames. We were very happy with NanoShield service. They were on time, cleaned up after and delivered a quality installation.
BecBec"Simply Incredible"
For over 20 years this room was the hardest to cool down with the amount of sunlight streaming in throughout the day. After installing Cosy 24/7, the next day was a warm Melbourne day and the room stayed as cool as the rest of the house! The room actually felt cool! I highly recommend getting Cosy 24/7, it was simply incredible the difference it made!