Improve Your Life With Cosy 24/7

Modern Technology For Your Home

You'll notice the improvement straight away! Cosy 24/7’s advanced nano coating saves you money, keeps you cosy, protects you from damage 24 hours a day! Cosy 24/7 is the ultimate home upgrade!

Comfort All Day Everyday

Such a large percentage of our lives are spent at home. Cosy 24/7 helps maintain the thermal comfort in your home all day and night regardless of the weather outside. Reducing reliance on air conditioners and heaters means your home is quieter, healthier and more peaceful. You no longer have to sacrifice your beautiful views and live in darkness on hot days with the constant annoying blasts of the air conditioner.

Slash Your Costs

Historically, families had to choose between cost and comfort. Not anymore!. Cosy 24/7 saves you money without any ongoing running or maintenance costs! It does this while increasing your property value and improving rental retention for investors!

Prevent Damage To The Things You Love

Your home should be a place you know your family will be safe. Cosy 24/7 helps protect your family from mould, their skin from dry air and reduces their exposure to harmful solar radiation. Cosy 24/7 also prevents fading and cracking to your home's most valuable items including furniture, heirlooms, artwork, photos, carpets, curtains, woodwork, books and so much more. Cosy 24/7 offers you greater peace of mind, less hassle and more time and money to enjoy the things you love.

A Smarter Approach

Cosy 24/7 does this by using advanced nanotechnology to reduce heat from entering your
home on hot days and leaving your home on cold days.

Environmental Care

Reducing energy consumption lowers  use of our natural resources and less air pollution, preserving our natural resources  for future generations. As Cosy 24/7 doesn’t require energy to run it is a fantastic  solution for homes wanting to live off the grid.

Unimpeded Views For An Unimpeded Mind

Research shows exposure to natural light improves sleep and mood. With Cosy 24/7 you no longer need to sacrifice precious natural light to shutters, curtains, awnings or dark and gloomy window tints. Neither does Cosy 24/7 create a highly reflective surface like standard tint films do, so it does not distort your views even when it gets dark outside. Cosy 24/7 lets the natural light you love stream in without the heat. Enjoy your views and improve your comfort at the same time.

Easy Installation

Cosy 24/7’s is easy to install. All our  professional and vetted installers can complete a full installation in most homes within a day! There are no messy renovations or hidden costs. Cosy 24/7 takes 2 weeks to cure but you’ll experience the improvement immediately!

Minimise Maintenance And Hassle

Once installed Cosy 24/7 keeps you comfortable  while preventing solar damage in your home and minimising ongoing maintenance . Enjoy the comfort of your home  without wasting  time fixing or replacing things you love and being bothered with the hassle of  having to shutters and awnings up and down.

Guaranteed To Last

Cosy 24/7 is a technologically advanced high quality product which is durable  and maintenance free unlike  old-fashioned solutions such as window tinting or double glazing. Once professionally installed, it won’t discolour, crack, bubble or peel. We stand by our product and include a 10-year peace of mind guarantee.

Better and Cheaper than other Approaches

Compared to older technologies and products, Cosy 24/7 costs less, is easier to install and gives better results! Here’s how Cosy 24/7 stacks up:

BenefitsCosy 24/7Solar Control Tint FilmStandard Window Tint FilmUncoated Double Glazing
Materials & installation Cost
More than 78% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Reduces Infrared Rays (IR) by 70% or more
Reduces Ultraviolet Rays by 99.7% or more
Reduces energy consumption in Winter
Reduces Condensation
Long product life 10 years +
Easy to replace and repair
Can upgrade nearly any existing window
No visible joints on large windows
No noticeable change to external appearance
of windows
Sound proofing ability