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Results Are Instant And Amazing

Cosy 24/7’s advanced particles create a targeted barrier against infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) parts of the light spectrum that cause heat and damage. IR and UV are invisible to the human eye which is why Cosy 24/7’ nanotechnology windows can make such a big difference to your comfort, without sacrificing precious natural light.

How Cosy 24/7 Keeps You Cool In Summer

The amount of heat entering a home through windows and skylights in summer can be as high as 87% of the room’s total heat! On a hot day, every square metre of your vulnerable windows can let in as much as a 1000W heater! Cosy 24/7 allows the beautiful natural light you love to enter a room, while keeping up to 42% of unwanted solar heat outside. Without any air conditioning, this can help keep rooms cooler by up to 7 degrees! It thus provides an ideal window heat block without adding to your energy bills and compromising natural light!


Untreated double glazing lets UV and IR into your home which means your home inevitably overheats. Standard window tints focus on UV and VLT spectrums only making it less effective at preventing heat gain. The worst part is most tints also cut out a large percentage of visible light causing a room to feel dark and gloomy. Cosy 27/7 is akin to sun block tinting with UV protection, giving you peace of mind from the worries of excess radiation exposure indoors.

How Cosy 24/7 benefits You in Winter

When it is cold outside, a single pane of glass can lose up to ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall. Cosy 24/7 technologically advanced particles forms a radiant heat barrier that reduces convective heat from being transferred to the glass surface resulting in less conduction heat loss to the outside through the glass material. Standard tinting will not prevent heat loss.

How Cosy 24/7 Prevents UV Damage

UV radiation causes irreversible damage to furnishings. Cosy 24/7's advance nanotechnology window tint minimises this damage by shielding your valued possessions, furniture and fixings from 99.7% of harmful radiation, thus offering incredible 24/7 UV protection as well as protection from fading.

How Cosy 24/7 Reduces Condensation

Cosy 24/7’s high effective radiant heat barrier enables the glass temperature to stay closer to room temperature. This dramatically reduces heavy dripping “DropWise Condensation” from forming which will protect window sills from moisture damage and mould growth. On very cold mornings, FilmWise Condensation may form on NanoShield treated windows creating an insulating layer on the glass surface. This phenomenon is known as FilmWise Condensation Insulation. In contrast, if you have dripping or DropWise Condensation, you could be losing up to 10 x times heat energy compared to FilmWise Condensation.

How Installation Of Cosy 24/7 Is So Simple

Cosy 24/7 can be easily ‘painted’ on nearly any window surface and is touch-dry in a few hours. Similar to solar window films, our experienced teams can install up to 20 square meters per person per day! This means the average home can be comfortably completed within a single day. This also makes Cosy 24/7 an ideal choice for those who wish to have skylight tinting, as this would mean just a one-time installation, and peace of mind for years on end as you can enjoy natural sunlight without the UV damage.

How Cosy 24/7 Pays For Itself

Unlike ordinary tint films that uses dated dye-pigments that could fade and delaminate, NanoShield’s advance nano-particles absorb UV and infrared radiation without risk of fading. In fact, it pays for itself by reducing your utility bills, preventing costly damage to your home and reducing overall maintenance costs. This makes it a perfect option for those looking for a long term solution to their energy consumption patterns.