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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions below.

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What is Cosy 24/7?

Cosy 24/7 is an energy efficient nanotechnology window coating that adds a tough, long-lasting shield against the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays while still letting in plenty of natural light.  In Winter, Cosy 24/7 will suppress condensation and reduce the convective heat transfer from your indoors to the glass surface.

Is Cosy 24/7 safe?

Cosy 24/7 does not contain any of the 6 restricted substances listed in the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) EU Directive. Like most oil based paints it is flammable in its liquid form, however once it has fully dried, Cosy 24/7 is no longer flammable. Testing by SGS Australia to International standards confirm that Cosy 24/7 does not emit any harmful emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) once completely dried.

Does Cosy 24/7 have an odour?

Cosy 24/7 will emit an odour which is similar to ethanol based hand-sanitisers while it is being applied. This smell will dissipate almost completely after a few hours.

How much does Cosy 24/7 cost?

A standard installation of 10 square meters of windows with aluminium frames cost approximately  $1,200. This  includes the added value of having the glass surfaces being coated cleaned and polished.  Our friendly team will provide you with a comprehensive fixed price obligation free quote. Our cost includes supply, installation and clean-up.  And remember, Cosy 24/7 starts to recover its installation cost immediately.


How is Cosy 24/7 applied?

We do all work on-site with your existing windows in place. Cosy 24/7 is applied in liquid form with a special paint roller, directly onto the glass surface – usually on the inside. We clean and prepare the glass thoroughly. Then we mix and apply the coating. The final step is drying and airing.

How long does Cosy 24/7 take to install?

Our experienced team can complete up to 20 square metres per day per technician.

How long does Cosy 24/7 take to dry?

The surface will be “touch” dry in 1-2 hours and completely cured (hardened) in 1 week. Windows can be opened after Cosy 24/7 is touch-dry.  Estimates are based on room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

What kind of access do you need?

Cosy 24/7 is usually applied to the internal glass surface. So we need access inside the building and a clear work space in front of all windows of 1.0 meters.   Window furnishings which impedes access blinds and fly screens should be removed  the day before our installation technicians arrives.

Can Cosy 24/7 be installed on hot days?

Cosy 24/7 can be applied when the relative humidity indoors  is less than 70% and the glass surface temperature is less than 35 degrees Celsius.  Our team can help you choose the best time for installation to take place.

Can you apply Cosy 24/7 to my car?

No, we don’t apply Cosy 24/7 to cars.


How much heat does Cosy 24/7 block?

Cosy 24/7 blocks more than 99.7% of UV radiation and more than 70% of the infrared radiation which is  up to 42% solar heat rejection.

NanoShield Performance Data Information

Will NanoShield Cosy 24/7 Suppress Condensation?

In winter, NanoShield treated windows will reduce condensation completely during milder nights or form a light misty FilmWise Condensation on very cold nights which will reduce convective heat transfer from your room to the glass surface.

Will I lose any natural light?

Cosy24/7  dries to a clear finish with a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of more than 78% when applied to standard 3mm glass. Uncoated glass has a VLT of 87%. There is no distortion.

How thick is the Cosy 24/7 coating?

Cosy 24/7  forms a very thin layer of only 8 to 10 microns, approximately a hundred times less than a millimetre.

How hard is the Cosy 24/7 coating?

When cured, Cosy 24/7 has a rating of 4H pencil hardness  in comparison to glass which has a rating of 6H pencil hardness.

What temperatures can Cosy 24/7 tolerate?

During testing, Cosy 24/7 withstood temperatures from -18 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius. It is unlikely that Cosy 24/7 will be subjected to temperatures beyond these limits in normal Australian conditions.

How long does Cosy 24/7 last?

Provided it has not been damaged by improper use or cleaning, Cosy 24/7 will last at least  10 years under normal conditions.

Is there a warranty?

We warrant that Cosy 24/7 will not discolour,  peel, crack or bubble  and will continue to perform for at least 10 years in normal conditions.

How do I clean my Cosy 24/7 coated windows?

When  fully cured, Cosy 24/7 can be cleaned  using a soft cloth and diluted PH neutral detergent.  Do not use abrasive cleaning agents  containing harsh chemicals such as solvents, citrus oil,  ammonia or bleach.

What can I do if there’s a problem?

If you have any problems with your Cosy 24/7 window coating, please contact us for assistance.


How do I order?

Please contact us now for a free measure and quote.