Cosy 24/7


Window Tint Films

Cosy 24/7 outperforms every other option due to  its combination of quality, cost and benefit to the environment.

Natural Light

Cosy 24/7 offers superior solar heat rejection performance without compromise. It has visible light transmission (VLT) rating of more than 78% which is higher than any window tinting product currently available.

Installation + Durability

Tinting is  time consuming to install, less durable and more likely to discolour, peel and bubble… Tinting can’t be installed on most curved glass. Large windows can’t be tinted without nasty joint lines as tint films are supplied in standard roll sizes.

Cosy 24/7  is simple, quick and easy to paint on to any glass surface no matter the size. Cosy 24/7 will not discolour, peel, crack or bubble and lasts much longer than most tint films.

Cost Comparison

There are many types of window tints. High performance  solar tint films cost as much as $275 per square metre! These expensive  films don’t stack up in terms of value for money. Standard tint films will only block UV but not  IR which is the biggest source of solar heat.  Standard tint films do not prevent heat loss during the cooler months.

Further, because Cosy 24/7 is hardly noticeable, Cosy 24/7 can be installed  where it’s needed without  needing to install it on all your windows to retain the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Keeping You Cool

Standard tint film does not have the same cutting edge technology as Cosy 24/7. Standard tinting attempts to keep a room cooler by letting less light in. Tinting creates a constant trade-off between heat and light. Cosy 24/7 is able to differentiate between the beautiful natural light you want, and unwanted heat-causing IR. This means Cosy 24/7 can block up to 42% of the heat from entering your room without leaving your room feeling dark and gloomy like tinting does.

Slowing Heat Loss

Stopping heat loss completely is not possible. Some solar control tint films are capable of slowing the rate at which indoor heat escapes through windows when it’s cold. However, unlike Cosy 24/7 these films cut out up to 70% of your natural light. This huge loss of natural light is particularly noticeable during winter where cloud cover and shorter daylight hours cause your home to look even more dark and gloomy.

Protection From Damage

Standard tinting commonly stops the same amount of harmful UV from entering your home however does not stop damage caused by IR. Some solar control tints are capable of stopping IR but sacrifice huge amounts of natural light. Standard tinting also does nothing to prevent condensation which can lead to mould and rot. Cosy 24/7 prevents damage from UV, IR and condensation without sacrificing beautiful natural light.

Environmental Comparison

Cosy 24/7 reduces emissions and energy dependency far more than standard tinting! Tinting technology generally keeps sunlight out reflecting sunlight back outside contributing to the ‘Heat Island’ effect in urban areas. This has been identified as a serious problem that disproportionately raises the temperature in urban areas.