Cosy 24/7


Double Glazed Windows

Cosy 24/7 outperforms double glazing due to its cost, effectiveness and benefit to the environment.

Expensive & Messy Installations

Double glazed windows are very costly. Effective retrofitting is difficult. Double glazed windows can be too heavy for  existing walls requiring costly building work to reinforce their structural integrity before installation can proceed. Cosy 24/7 is cheaper, quicker and easier to install without any mess and  hidden cost.


Maintenance Free

Double glazed windows work by  creating a gas filled or vacuum cavity between two panes of glass. This cavity is protected by seals which deteriorate over time allowing the gas to escape and air and moisture to fill the cavity resulting in the formation of unsightly condensation and mould. Once this occurs, energy efficiency drops significantly and is expensive to repair. Cosy 24/7 is maintenance free and hassle free.

Keeping You Cooler

Double glazed windows are generally untreated and will not block IR which is the source of most of the solar heat entering your home. Cosy 24/7 blocks up to 42% of solar heat from entering your home making it a much more effective heat barrier.

Protection From Damage

Untreated double glazed windows allow UV and IR to enter your home and cause solar damage. Cosy 24/7 blocks 99.7% of UV and more than 70% of IR protecting your home from solar damage.

Environmental Comparison

Double glazed window assemblies require far greater resources to manufacture resulting in a substantially higher carbon foot print than Cosy 24/7.